It was an absolute honour to have been there for the very first Pader Youth Camp! It was obvious from the beginning it would be a powerful camp. The spiritual atmosphere was so charged, the kids were ready to receive everything we had for them and the leaders had done so much to prepare it was quite admirable. Particularly Grace, Kate and Ps Justine made an incredible effort in following up other churches, kids and their families and so much practicalities behind the scenes we didn’t have to worry about. A highlight for me was a morning session where God wanted to give us a word for the year and He really showed everyone a whole new level of relationship in intimacy. There were seven young people saved that morning and such a strong atmosphere of His presence for everyone to soak up and I loved it! I know the next camp will be even more influential and impacting than this one so that makes me incredibly excited to see what Jesus has planned next.

Tim Hayden
Southern Lights Church Swan Hill

Before this year there had never been a Youth Camp in Pader, so before it even started everyone was very excited. The Youth were so on fire to hear from God and so ready to learn all that they could about Him. All we had to do was push them in a certain direction to encounter God. The whole camp was based on the chosen generation and by the end of the camp all the youth believed that they were going to change the world and that they were chosen by God for such a time as this. Everyone was so eager to encounter God in a new way and because of that openness they all did. An incredible time for all from the first night of the camp where no one really new how this was going to work, to the last day where every youth knew that they were a part of a bigger family with God as their Dad, who had set them apart to be the chosen generation.

Ben Tyas
Mt Barker