Listing all our churches around Australia and the Nations

Peter & Karen Nicholes

Southern Lights Church
Network Leaders

Peter & Karen Nicholes are the founding pastors of Southern Lights Church and are the Southern Lights Church Network Leaders. Their inspirational and relational style of ministry has seen them travel extensively throughout Australia and the nations. They are a much-loved father and mother in the body of Christ and a source of wisdom and Godly counsel. The proceeding Word of God flows through their life and they are used to build churches and lives with strength and accuracy. Their ministry is marked by an open heaven, the prophetic and continuous signs and wonders.

The Southern Lights Church Network comprises of churches throughout Australia as well as an international church in Pader Uganda. Our network is a growing network and Peter & Karen travel extensively to the nations carrying the heart and message of God.

The vision of the Southern Lights Church Network is to ‘Change Hearts Change Nations’.


Southern Lights Church Swan Hill

Southern Lights Church Network Swan Hill

Lead Pastors: Hayden & Jacqui Price
Phone: (03) 5033 0090
Email: swanhill@southernlights.org.au
Web: swanhill.southernlights.org.au
Location: 1-3 Garden Court, Swan Hill, Victoria
Service Times: 10am Sundays

Southern Lights Church Launceston

Southern Lights Church Network Launceston

Lead Pastors: Alister & Amelia Austin
Phone: 0409 136 689
Email: launceston@southernlights.org.au
Web: launceston.southernlights.org.au
Location: 1 Mann Street, Invermay, Tasmania 7248
Service Times: 10am Sundays

Southern Lights Church Whyalla

Southern Lights Church Network Whyalla

Lead Pastors: Josh & Jo Coppins
Phone: 0431 857 031
Email: whyalla@southernlights.org.au
web: whyalla.southernlights.org.au

Location: Community Centre, 27 Field Street
Whyalla, South Australia 5600
Service Times: 10am Sundays

Victory Church Pader Uganda

Lead Pastors: Justine & Joyce Otim
Email: victoryoutreachministries@gmail.com
Location: Lukle Road, East Pader Town Council
Service Times: 8am & 4:30pm Sundays

Southern Lights Church Network Pader Uganda