This is a highly relational course for men. Each session is followed up by a discussion group with some thought provoking questions, followed by prayer. One of the greatest problems that faces the church is men not knowing how to come into their destiny. This is due to many factors like the Father wound; having no understanding of going from a boy to a man; how to honour your sister and be a romantic husband; dealing with the dark closets in your life, like pornography, alcohol, gambling, lying etc. These are just a few of the wrestles men face. As a man chooses to change, the support of the other men will hasten his changes.

WHEN: Tuesday Nights 7:30pm – 10:00pm
DATES: 23rd April – 11th June
COURSE LENGTH: 8 Weeks + Weekend Camp
COURSE FACILITATOR(S): Apostle Peter Nicholes
COST: $200 (inc camp)

NOTES: There will be a weekend camp 5pm Friday 14th June – 12pm Sunday 16th June. Electronic notes are included in your registration fee. If you require printed notes, these can be selected at an additional cost of $20 each.