“Love Box birthed out of a dream to bring smiles on the innocent faces of orphaned kids”
Lorson Samuel


First, I want to thank our Southern Lights Family for all the prayers and support that I had from the Church. Thank you so much for impacting the lives of the orphan kids which has been a greater blessing for them.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Our kids are praying for you all. 

Much love & prayers from India.

Lorson Samuel.

How many orphanages were you able to help?
Mostly we reached the kids through our pastors in the villages as we know the background of the kids and what they’ve been going through, and they have been under the guidance of our pastors in a few different villages. Our aim was to reach out to the non-Christian kids as we want to share the love of Christ so that they can experience the love of Christ for them through the LOVE BOX project, and this is the way we create bridge between them to share the Gospel. We believe “Actions speak louder than words”.

How many orphans were you able to give a love box?
By the Grace of God, we been able to reach out to 149 kids in few different tribal villages and 10 of them accepted Jesus Christ as they personal Saviour, which is great and all Glory to God. We have been training them before they take baptism and most of their parents have also been experienced the love of Christ which is really an awesome thing, which we been hoping for and we thank God for the new souls that are been adding to the Kingdom of God.

What was the Most challenging thing you experienced?
The most challenging thing would be the finances for the boxes and God has been all through it and He does provide everything for His Glory. And our aim is to reach out to 500 kids, but due to lack of finances we weren’t able to reach out, but we have been planning to reach our Goal throughout the year in a few different villages.

What was the most rewarding thing you experienced?
The most rewarding thing would been doing what God has laid in my heart for the kids and souls adding to His Kingdom for His Glory. And we believe that more number of souls are been adding to the Kingdom of God, as we got the few report from our pastors in the villages, as they already started coming to Sunday school and parents are been attending the church services which is more than rewarding, seeing souls saved as we sow in their lives. “Just a token of love Changes things”


How did you see GOD move through the Project?
I experienced His favour throughout the project from the state of nothing to something greater and things all worked together for His Glory and this is an answered prayer. Everything worked peacefully and souls added to the Kingdom is the only evidence that God has His hand in this for a reason and His Name is Glorified.

What’s next?
Next would be reaching our aim and Goal of reaching the remaining 351 kids in the next few months and sowing and helping them as much as we can for their studies and financially & Spiritually.

Once again Appreciate all your prayers and support.

Thanks for being a BLESSING for our kids. Praying for you all.

May God use you as a blessing for many.

God Bless,

Lorson Samuel.

What was in the box?


$50 = Clothing
(2x school uniform, 1x Christmas outfit)

$30 = School supplies
(textbooks, stationary, school bag, school shoes)

$10 = Food for day of Celebration

$10 = Pocket money for the year
(parents will facilitate use)


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Well done Southern Lights or raising so much towards such a great campaign.