Lorson Samuel here giving a brief report of Ministry in India where Ps Peter and Ps Karen are now at present.

We are so blessed to have Ps Peter and Ps Karen for the first time in India, working with us through Karunya Gospel Ministries. Ps Peter & Ps Karen were our special guests of our 22nd Graduation Service for Karunya Bible Institute International, graduating 38 students this year varying in courses they have studied.

The following day we hosted a seminar for our graduated pastors, encouraging them in the mission field where God has called each one. The major challenge in India is the persecution towards Christians, Ps Peter and Ps Karen have been able to minister life to the group through the three sessions they have facilitated. They shared their stories, how God has called them, sharing the life of Nehemiah and how God called him to be a prime minister of Israel. This greatly encouraged our pastors to be strong and courageous in the face of persecution, while expanding God’s Kingdom.

We also had the honour of Ps Peter and Ps Karen ordaining 38 Pastor’s as fulltime ministers across different villages in India, powerfully praying and prophesying over each of them as they were going out to the mission field.

Ps Peter and Ps Karen, along with Southern Lights Church are supporting with their wisdom and years of discipling experience, our very own Discipleship Training school called “DESTINY DISCIPLESHIP TRAINING SCHOOL”, dedicating it to God during this powerful time. This school will begin February 2020.

They were also a part of the dedication of our new study centre in a town near Visakhapatnam and will be sharing at our Pastor’s Seminar in the Hill tribe area for 4 days.

We are blessed to have Ps Peter & Ps Karen in India working together as two Apostolic bases for the expansion of the Kingdom of God in the nations.