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Thanks for your interest in becoming a Southern Lights Member. Please complete the form below and one of our admin team will be in contact with you. Before completing the below form, please click on the link below and read through our membership pre-application document.

Membership Pre-Application Document

Adult 1 Declaration

Adult 1 Service Area: Expression of interest

Adult 2 Declaration

Adult 2 Service Area: Expression of interest

What’s next?

  • My application will be held for a period of three months during which time my
    • Attendance at Sunday meetings and C2G will be noted
    • Faithfulness and stability observed
    • Willingness to grow in Christ will be observed.
  • My application for Membership will be considered by the Eldership as soon as possible and I will be advised thereafter of their decision.
  • The Eldership will then officially welcome me into Membership at the appropriate Public Meeting and issue me with a Certificate of Membership. After that my name will be entered in the Register of Members of the Assembly.