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Dear Pastor/Minister,This applicant is applying for admission of their child(ren) to Australis Christian College. If you could please take a few minutes to complete this form to the best of your knowledge. Please ensure you answer every question.If you have any questions of concerns, please call the Australis office on 03 9999 3161


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1. The Bible We believe that God directed the original texts of the Bible to contain exactly what He wanted to communicate to us. Therefore, we believe that we can base all of our faith and our standards for living on the Bible. We do this by seeking the Holy Spirit to help us gain a proper understanding of what the Bible says about each aspect of life.

2. God: • has existed, and is eternal. • has revealed himself as one being in three persons- Father, Son and Holy Spirit. • is the creator of the whole universe and continues to sustain all things visible and invisible. • loves people and wants to relate to us as our Father.

3. Jesus Christ: • is God, and is the Son of God. • was born of a virgin (Mary) and led a sinless life. • performed miracles. • was sent by God to die (by crucifixion) for the forgiveness of our sins and our reconciliation with God. • was resurrected bodily and is alive today. He now lives with God in Heaven.

4. Holy Spirit: • is a person and is God. • indwells Christians’ lives to enable us to live lives which are pleasing to God. • works in our lives and will grow in us the ‘fruits’ of the Holy Spirit (eg, love, joy, peace, patience, etc.) • gives “gifts” to believers (e.g, teaching gifts, pastoring gifts, healings, prophecy, tongues, etc.) so that they can bless people, and build each other up.

5. Human Beings: • are a special creation of God and He loves us. • purpose for life is to enjoy a loving relationship with God and to please Him. • are spiritually lost and estranged from God because of sin; and there is no way to be reconciled to God except through Jesus Christ. • Only way to be cleansed from sin and reconciled to God is through repentance of (turning away from) sin and faith that the death and resurrection of Jesus allows us to be forgiven of our sin, reconciled to God, and empowered to live a life that pleases Him. • to grow in relationship with God, should pursue an ongoing personal involvement in prayer and study of the Bible, and participation in a local church community.

6. Heaven & Hell:
  • Those who have been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ will spend eternity with God in the peace, joy, and fulfilment of heaven.
  • Those who have not been reconciled to God through Jesus Christ will spend eternity separated from God and in the distress and regret of hell.