As you are aware we are currently navigating the global pandemic of Covid-19, as such the Australia Government introduced new guidelines over the weekend both limiting large number gatherings but more importantly requiring anyone travelling into Australia to have a mandatory two week isolation period. This means that our international speakers will no longer be able to enter Australia for our Summit.

Our home state of Victoria as of today, has declared a state of emergency, in the best interests of all involved and with all that is happening, we believe our wisest step forward is to cancel our Summit for 2020.

We pray for the continued eradication of Covid-19 and complete restoration of health to all those affected. Our finance department will be providing a full refund for the cost of registration to those who have already registered.

We have to be wise in how we proceed during these difficult times, ensuring we are being responsible and not placing anyone in any unnecessary risk. We hope you can understand our position and we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused you.