Southern Lights Covid-Safe Plan

Current Restrictions

Under current Covid restrictions we are allowed 10 people onsite for a religious gathering plus 1 faith leader. While on site all parties must adhere to covid-safe measures and all covid-safe signage posted around the building.

Important information

All leaders are required to read through the Covid-Safe Plan before entering the premises. Please take the time to carefully read through this document and ensure you have a good understanding of your responisbilities during this time.

Registration of details

A requirement of having a Covid-safe business is keeping detailed records of people on the premises. All  leaders are to complete the registration form below each time you and your team or those in your ministry areas enter the church premises.

Completed registration sheets are to be emailed to [email protected] at the completion of your meeting/event. These details will be recorded on a central database inline with our covid-safe requirements.

Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are a requirement of our record keeping and a thermometer is located in the photocopy room in the church building. Please ensure all parties are temperature checked before entry.

Please Note: Anyone presenting with a temperature of 37.8C or higher WILL NOT be permitted to enter the premises.

Additional Fact Sheets

Please see additional fact sheets from buisness.vic.gov.au and dhhs.vic.gov.au