Southern Lights Apostolic Network Gathering 2017 MP3 Download











Session One
Apostle Peter Nicholes
Know Your Stature And The Stature Of Your Enemy

Session Two
Apostle Peter Nicholes
Shifting From Inner Stature To Outer Stature

Session Three
Mark Oliver, Andrea Franke, Kristy Johnson
Stature Without

Session Four
Rees Nicholes, Bek Alley, Lauren Oliver, Grace Okot, Tanya Forrest
Stature Within

Session Five
Ps Caleb Nicholes
The Spirit Of Execution

Session Six
Ps Caleb Nicholes
Apostolic Collaboration

Session Seven
Apostle Peter Nicholes
The Apostolic Journey

Session Eight
Ps Hayden & Jacqui Price
Heart For Our Community

Your Place Matters To God

Session Notes for Sessions 1,2,5,6,7,8



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