Peter and Dee Ingram

Peter and Dee Dee have been attending Southern Lights church since 1995, they have two adult children Luke and Monique. Peter has severed as a church elder since 2007.

Peter grew up in a Christian family in South Australia and in 1981, at 16 years old he became a Christian at a local youth camp.Dee Dee was born in British Columbia, Canada and became a Christian when she was also 16 years old. Along with her family she moved to Australia in 1982 and married Peter in 1986.

Peter joined the Royal Australian Navy in 1983 and served his country in defence until 2007. The latter part of his career was heavily involved in training, equipping sailors in readiness to fight on the frontlines of the battlefield.

Peter and Dee Dee have served as a son and daughter of the vision in a variety of roles and responsibilities. Peter and the family spent four years out of Southern Lights due to military duties, but remained in covenant relationship with their church family. During this time God matured them and prepared them until the distinct call to ministry came upon their lives.

God eventually used Peter’s experience with disciplined training in the defence force into equipping the saints for the work of ministry as they returned to Southern Lights. Peter has lead the part-time discipling course since 2003 and our full-time course since 2007, when he stepped fully into ministry as a pastor.

Peter currently oversees the Training Department with its short courses and full/part-time courses. Southern Lights has a strong call to raise up righteous leaders through discipling and Peter now oversees this dynamic and transforming work in people’s lives.

Dee Dee has served as Finance Coordinator and in other various roles. Peter and Dee Dee together has lead Connect groups and often coach young people in their relationships leading to marriage. They are a true Dad and Mum in the house. Peter and Dee Dee’s heart’s desire is to see people’s lives set free to passionately follow their God-given destiny as they advance the Kingdom of God.