Andrew and Sue Cavanagh

Andrew and Sue have been attending Southern Lights church since 1984, they have two adult children, Brenden who is marriage to Michelle and has also served as a pastor in his local church and Phillip. Andrew has severed as a church elder since 1993.

Andrew was born again at the age of 9 when his family was impacted by the Charismatic Renewal in the Anglican Church in the late 1960s, and Baptised in the Holy Spirit three years later. Andrew and his family (father, mother two sisters and brother) were all part of establishing a new church in Melbourne’s outer Eastern suburbs. This church eventually became part of the CRC and was Andrew’s home church until after his marriage to Susan in 1982.

Susan had grown up with a Uniting Church background (her grandfather was a Presbyterian missionary to China and minister in several parishes around Australia). Susan was born again at a Uniting Church youth camp and after she met Andrew was filled with the Holy Spirit at a CRC youth camp.

After moving to the Frankston area in 1984 Andrew and Susan visited the newly established New Life Christian Centre (later to become Southern Lights) and have remained there ever since. Throughout his working life Andrew has balanced involvement in the church with a retail career that spanned 26 years. In 2003 he started working for the Australian Centre for Retail Studies at Monash University. After a period of over 6 years at Monash working with retail organisations across Australia, New Zealand and Asia, God gave Andrew a business plan for his own business and since December 2009 he has been training retailers through his own business.

Andrew’s involvement at Southern Lights is focussed on the Accredited Courses aspect of our Discipleship programs, the Eldership and the Finance Committee and his passion is to see leadership teams equipped and strengthened and to see all Christians learning how to ‘correctly handle the word of truth’.

Susan has been involved in a number of areas over the years, including finance and secretarial roles and currently works closely with the Pastoral team in writing manuals, preparing course notes and presentations amongst many other things. She also has an enormous mother’s heart for the younger Mum’s in the church and is often found rocking sleepless children to sleep.

Andrew and Susan have been one of the longest standing couples and leaders in Southern Lights. They are true sons of the church and always have sought to lay down their lives for the call. They continue to do so in many ways from leading Connect Groups, housing young people in their home, mentoring discipleship students and providing experience and expertise as needed elsewhere.