Advanced Kingdom Builders



Purpose Statement

The purpose of Advanced Kingdom Builders (AKB) is to equip Christian leaders with next level ministry and life skills that will directly increase their Kingdom building effectiveness within both the church and the domains of society.

The AKB curriculum provides advanced training in areas where Christian leaders are not often trained by the church. It focusses on the individual’s life and ministry purpose, equipping the individual in leadership and management skills; refreshing, redefining, reconstructing and reinventing the learnings received through discipleship training and basic leadership training.

Training environment

AKB provides training through discussion based workshops that lead to practical opportunities to implement the learning in a personalised format. Both weeks are intensive training that stretches and challenges each person to grow their skills, change their paradigms, reinvent their ways and develop more effective skills. AKB classes are limited to a small group of individuals to maximise learning opportunities and build group comradery.

Week One

The first week of AKB is predominately focused on Management and Communication. The days are packed with content and there is further work to be done each night. Students should ensure the entire week is dedicated to AKB and should not attend any other meetings or events.

Week Two

The second week of AKB is residential and participants will need to arrange transport to and from the venue. The week is predominately focused on the individual’s personal life calling.


Stephen Covey’s ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ is the main text underpinning AKB. The principles are valued as integral to creating a competent leader and person. The students willingness to engage with the book and corresponding questions are key to maximising learning as there is not the benefit of a lot of time devoted in-course to the book.
The primary facilitator and content developer of the Management subject is Caleb Nicholes. This subject provides a comprehensive model for the management of any organisation that is simple to understand, incredibly effective and user friendly. The subject culminates with each student creating a Management Plan for their Organisation.
The primary facilitator and content developer of the Communication subject is Karen Nicholes. This subject builds confidence in the student as a public speaker by equipping them skills that can move any listener’s values, beliefs and mindsets.
The primary facilitator and content developer of the Life Management Plan subject is Peter Nicholes. The student will most likely be taken through the deepest reflection and life planning they have every experienced. The subject culminates with each student creating a Management Plan for their life.
In week 2 students will enjoy total seclusion, privacy and quiet for 24 hours. Just you and God.
Home learning opportunities (HLO) provide the student with extra opportunities to learn and grow. HLO will be required each night during week 1. It is recommended to set aside 1-2 hours for HLO each night. There is also HLOs between week 1 and 2 as well as after week 2. These HLO will involve 5 conference calls. The purpose of the calls is to check the students understanding and application of the key learnings and provide opportunity for further instruction and coaching.
  1. This course is selection only. Applicants will be offered a place.
  2. Students should be a leader within a church ministry or organisation.
  3. Pre-reading Stephen Covey’s book “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” and answering the associated questions before commencing the first week of the course, noting each participant will be required to present on this book throughout the 2 week course.
  4. Each SL member participant is to bring their “Strategies to Destiny” manual and their Wheel of Lifeto the first week of training.