We are firmly assured of the things unseen, this is our hope, this is the confidence we have in God, as we continue to create an atmosphere of habitation and continue to press forward from Hope to inhabit all that He has promised and spoken.

Righteousness through Jesus

February 10, 2019
Even if you back slide, God looks at you and sees you as righteous, He is waiting for you to come back to Him! Today Apostle Peter challenged us on the importance of our intimacy with God, understanding and outworking our righteousness through Christ! Five key foundations to righteousness. 1. Faith. 2. Sin removed. 3. Relationship 4. Truth 5. Perfect
We experienced a powerful week at ENGAGE Defenders, where God challenged us to a greater depth of prayer and to have a greater understanding of why it is we believe what we believe. Today Ps Caleb shared some highlights and testimonies from this powerful week.
Speaker: Various | Today we had our final of four testimony Sunday’s. Josh and Wendy Rodriguez and Ps Phil all shared on their journey of 2018 - navigating life’s challenges and seeing the fruit of God’s faithfulness amongst their winter season.
| Today was our third of our four testimony Sunday’s. When we let the cares of life get in the way of God and our time with Him, it can be easy for life to get busy, distracting and at times hopeless. Imogen and Dan Whalan and Jon Ryall all share how they overcame this challenge throughout 2018 and how you too can ensure that God remains the centre of all you do!
Our second of four of Testimony Sunday’s, two of our couples share their journey in 2018: Mark and Lauren Oliver shared on taking a leap of faith, and what it means to fully trust God. Delwyn and Chris Wilksch, share how God has taken them both out of their comfortable lives and brought them into a place of new experiences.
Our first of four Testimony Sunday’s. Ali Zanjani This year I’ve had to navigate changing careers after 15 years and studying a diploma of business. I’ve had to learn to continually stand firm in God, I’ve had to step out of the cave into all God has called me. Andrew Whalan The patterns I learned in my Excelerate Discipleship Training Years years are what I have used in my role in the workplace. 2018 I have learned to live and stay strong in God, developing strong character and using what I have learned, and choosing to go to new levels of intimacy with God. Jenni Rowe In my discipling year, I overcame the fear I lived in. 2018 I found fear creeping back in. At the beginning of this year God gave me two words, Trust and Peace. Our household has gone through numerous job changes and we have truly…
Ps Caleb shares with us around a servants heart in the Church as we appreciate all those who have served in various areas in the life of our church, putting the Kingdom in front of themselves.